Refugees Across Spaces

Open the conversationGroup photo of participants and facilitators at the conclusion of a series of training workshop in Poetry, spoken word and movement in Nakivale refugee Settlement. January 2017. PHOTO BY OSCAR HANSKA

Since the 1940’s Uganda has always been a gracious host to refugees. Currently, UNHCR estimates indicate that Uganda hosts 1.3million refugees from South Sudan, Congo, Burundi, Somalia and other African countries. Current information about the refugee situation in Uganda can be accessed through the Uganda Refugee Response portal.

Opportunities for interaction between refugees and host communities are limited, especially since refugee communities are usually separated from the rest. Out of this situation emerges the suspicion of the ”unknown other” contributing to tensions between refugees and host communities.

With this project, our aim is to

  • Break the isolation of refugees and stimulate integration mechanisms in their surroundings and societies through culture and its expression.
  • Help refugees gain agency to actively contribute to their integration processes, improve their individual or group economies and in the process contribute to the growth of the host countries’ cultural sector.


Refugees Across Spaces: Action Areas.


Artistic empowerment.




Access to the creative economy.


Shared cultural spaces.





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