Schools Theatre Festival, 2017

We collaborated with The Schools Theater Festival 2017 to ensure participation of some members from Naki One. The festival was preceded with a peace building training camp that ran from the 7th- 12th May 2017. The camp, according to the organizers, was billed as a cultural exchange exercise where students from different schools and backgrounds work with a selected group of youth out of school or in different communities to share experiences, and tell their stories. They worked together with professional directors, music coaches and choreographers to develop their personal stories into theater performances for the festival.  The participants in the camp are expected to develop knowledge and skills in team building, dealing with difficult situations, building self esteem, public speaking, to mention but a few.

In 2018, we shall partner with the festival to have more refugee integration themes and participation.

Naki One

Naki One is a networking artist group of young people of all the different nationalities living in Nakivale Refugee Settlement in Uganda.

The group, later branded “Naki One” was originally composed of 20 youthful poets, singers and dancers chosen through an open competitive process to participate in the pilot artistic project “Speak, open the Conversation”.

At the end of the training exercise, the youths decided to stay together as a group thus the emergency of Naki One. It’s now open for membership to all youth artists in Nakivale Refugee Settlement upon registration.

Before Naki One came into existence, most of the individual artists did not know each other even though they lived in the same settlement. Through the group, artists continue to support each other beyond harnessing their talents and putting on performances to personal predicaments.

In the future, the group hopes to continue establishing artistic connections and participate in concerts and training outside the settlement.


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