My Story + Your Story = Our Story

Amplifying host and refugee voices for Inclusive Community Building.

On the heels of protracted refugee migration around the world, characterized by increasing misinformation, suspicion, and negative stereotypes, the aim of this project is four-fold: Encourage mutual interaction between refugees and hosts, to foster inclusive community-building and peaceful co-existence in refugee hosting areas, develop participants’ skills in digital storytelling and participatory art approaches, amplify host and refugee voices, especially women and youths.

About the project

Participants from refugee and host communities will mutually benefit from trainer-led workshops, during which they will learn about the power of storytelling. Participants work together to produce individual and group digital stories, in the form of mobile phone-based videos and podcasts. These stories will be showcased locally and hosted on a website, so the public can access the final media projects.

Strategically, the project objectives are in line with the GCR, Agenda 2030 particularly SDG5 and SDG 16, and the African Union Agenda 2063 particularly Goals 18,17,16,13 and 12.

Target Group. The agents of change and opinion makers the project targets refugee-led organisations, community youth and women-led multimedia and performing groups, and relevant national; local, and communal government institutions that are central in community decision-making.

Main project activities include Training Workshops, production of podcasts and visual stories, community showcases, Talkback sessions, and dissemination of Digital stories.

Initial Project Areas: Yumbe, Adjuman, Kampala.

Other Areas: Isingiro, Kyegegwa, Madi Okollo & Terego, Kikube, Kiryandongo, Lamwo

Continuously seeking to establish working relations all around the world in pursuit of our mission.

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